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Wireless network infrastructure
From antennas to processor solutions including our power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, programmable baseband processors and multi-core communication processors, connect industrial Internet of things and personal devices to wireless networks.

Wired network infrastructure
Programmable solutions and control processors can deploy Gigabit backbone, edge and core routers for service providers, while the optical transmission of Carrier Ethernet and backbone network can connect every home, office and intelligent device safely and reliably.

Enterprise network

Processors and software to improve the performance, flexibility, and security of LAN, wireless, and WAN connections from the largest campus to the smallest office.

Data center

Accelerate cloud service infrastructure and make services change society.

Wireless gateway
SEMITEH layerscape processors, together with SEMITEH high-performance wireless connectivity devices, provide scalable, efficient and highly integrated solutions for home and enterprise wireless devices.